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What is Survey 4 Impact?

Survey 4 Impact is a mobile data collection tool designed to collect, report, and visualize data anytime, anywhere using tablets and mobile devices. It has been used to conduct different data collection projects, assessments, research, monitoring & evaluation, gap analysis, and collect baseline data. It has its online survey builder platform and mobile application. Data can be collected from the field even if the internet is unavailable. It provides real-time reports and dashboards, and data can be exported for further analysis.

Survey 4 Impact is created to support and strengthen health, education, and development sectors. It provides real-time data that can help the decision-making process at any level to achieve the desired impact. Users can use Survey 4 Impact to create surveys, collect data, and generate reports with minimal training. It can support governmental entities, donors, funders, partners working to strengthen health, education, and development sectors, among others.

Survey 4 Impact comes with two components: 1) Survey Builder Platform: Users can create, test, launch the survey, and assign surveys to mobile/tablet devices. As well as monitor the data collection process, visualize, and export data in CSV and SPSS format. 2) Mobile Application: A native mobile application for Android and iOS, users can download and connect mobile/tablets to survey builder and get assigned devices to collect data.

It offers instant compilation functionality and many types of survey questions like open text, email, numeric, single Select, multi-select, grid, scale, interval scale, information, image, video, date, time, signature, photo capture, dropdown, ranking, GPS, scoring, and barcode.

Why Survey 4 Impact?

Survey 4 Impact consists of robust functionality that allows creating smooth and easy data collection projects. It offers unlimited surveys, unlimited devices, and unlimited results and submissions. To ensure data privacy and ownership, Survey 4 Impact is hosted on a private server and can be hosted on a client-server. Survey 4 Impact is offered with both technical and end-user support during any data collection projects. Data can be collected using a web browser, tablet, or mobile device. Complete documentation and training materials are available for the admin users and the data collection team. It has a “Survey Health” function which includes calculators for working out your survey’s Confidence Interval (margin of error) for a given Confidence Level and Population size. View survey statistics, including the percentage of incomplete surveys and the average time a user takes to answer a question or survey.

Data Visualization

Survey 4 Impact has the following built-in functionality and components to support data visualization and provide real-time reports and interactive dashboards.

  • Quick Chart to rapidly graph results using column charts. Quick chart tools are transforming the way people use data to solve challenges. Get graphical representation of data using quick charts and real-time visualization mode.
  • Dashboard Chart offers additional layout options. Chart types include pie, bar, and column charts.
  • Real-Time Charts can be set up to display multiple pies, bar, or column charts on a single screen. The charts automatically refresh at a user-defined interval period.
  • Map Results displays the GPS location of survey results on a Google Map. The user interface supports mapping large datasets and clustering results.
  • Integration with Power BI (Microsoft business intelligence tool) to create real-time, interactive, immersive online dashboards and reports.
  • Export and Download Data as the CSV, SPSS format using different data analysis and business intelligence tools.

What do we offer?

To ensure the sustainability of the Survey 4 Impact tool, ISEET will provide the following:

  • Survey 4 Impact can be hosted on an online private server or the client-server (on-premises).
  • Server setup, configuration, technical support, and management during the project life cycle.
  • Technical and end-user support during the data collection projects.
  • User’s guidelines and documentation.
  • Admin users and data collection team training and capacity building.
  • Survey development, customization, testing, and launching.
  • Data cleaning, consolidation, validation, and analysis.
  • Offline and online reports and dashboard development.
  • Ongoing support from starting/customizing the surveys all the way to analyze and visualize data.
  • Customization and function development based on requirements.

For more details, please download Survey 4 Impact Overview Presentation or contact us at: